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1. General

  • How long till my child can swim?
    On average, it takes about 6 months of continuous lessons from the date of enrolment. However, do note that it will vary for water phobic and younger children aged 4 and 5. To date, The Swim Starter is the fastest in getting kids to pick up the ability to swim.
  • Do I require to give a notice when I would like to stop the lessons?
    We would require a notice one term in advance.
  • Can I change my lesson timing?
    You may select “change class schedule” and make the necessary changes. Do note that only time slots with vacancies will be displayed. You may contact the support staff if you are unable to find a suitable timing.
  • Are there make-up lessons?
    For the basic swim package, there is no make-up lesson. You may choose to upgrade to the premium via the profile on your next term for make-up lessons.
  • Is there lesson on the 5th week?
    Yes, lessons are ongoing throughout the year, 5th week will be pro-rated accordingly.

2. Payment

  • How do I make payment?
    Payment is only made via the mobile application under “payment due”. You have the option to choose whichever payment option you prefer.
  • When is Payment due?
    The payment due is displayed on the mobile application under “Payment due”
  • Are there any charges for late payments?
    We do not charge any late fee at the moment, but please note that your slot for your timing will not be reserved and might be forfeited.

3. Lightning Alert

  • Where do I check if there is a lightning alert?
    There will be a yellow banner on the screen when there is a lightning alert.
  • When will the lightning alert end?
    The notification will be sent out when it ends, lesson will continue for the remaining duration.
  • Should I come down when there is a lightning alert?
    We leave the option of coming down optional for you. We are not be able to provide a definite answer on when the lightning will stop.
  • Is there make up lesson for the lightning alert?
    For the basic swim package, there is no make-up lesson. You may choose to upgrade to the premium via the profile on your next term for make-up lessons.

4. Swimming Tests

  • Is there swimming tests for my child?
    Yes, the estimated progression roadmap can be viewed in the “my progress” tab.
  • When is the Swimming test held?
    Swimming tests are held Bi-annually in June and December during the school holidays.
  • How do I book for my swimming test?
    A notification will be sent to you when your child is ready for the test via the mobile application where you can place your booking under “upcoming tests”.

5. Extra lessons

  • What is extra lesson?
    In the unlikely event that it rains throughout the month or other conditional events, extra lessons may be provided on a conditional basis.
  • How do I attend the extra lesson?
    If awarded, you may book the extra lesson during the next term of lesson.
  • Is there an expiry to my extra lesson?
    The extra lesson will only be valid for 1 term.

6. Overseas Holidays

  • I am going overseas, is there make-up lessons for it?
    For the basic swim lessons, there is no make-up lesson. However, you may choose to purchase the premium during the holiday month.
  • May I stop for the month and rejoin thereafter?
    Although you may, do note that the time slot will not be reserved and our system will restart the rewards points.
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