Young child Swimming in deep pool with coach and board balancing

Your Guarantee

With a Structured Lesson Plan tailored for your child, we can guarantee* you satisfactory results every 6 Months.

First Time Swimmers

By consolidating 35 Years of coaching experience into The Swim Starter Coaching Manual, we have designed a Proven coaching methodology Tailored specifically for kids. Majority of parents are concerned with Water Safety, and that is why we guarantee* that your child will be able to swim within 6 Months in the Deep Pool.


Swim unassisted within 6 months

We have 4.5 year old Margaret swimming in the deep pool of 1.8m. Despite her age, she is able to accomplish this feat with only 8 months of lessons with us.

Swimmers with experience

Abiding by the SwimSafer Syllabus, a national water safety program issued by Sports Singapore, your child will complete a series of swimming tests Bi-annually.

These certificates may be requested by public schools and also water sports that your child may be interested in the future. Most importantly, you are assured of a Proper Lesson Plan in place for your child.

Water safety certification for children by SwimSafer


Constant progression and achivements of milestone

I was impressed by the speed and structure of the swimming lessons. My dear boy Wenkai took only two months to complete his beginner lesson.

Mrs. Cheong

Our Accomplishments

Results in the Deep pool

We understand that most parents are concerned with their child’s ability to Swim To Safety at all times. In line with The Swim Starter’s Mission, we want to make sure that your child is able to ensure their own Water Safety as fast as possible in the Deep Pool.

We do encounter cases of kids with water phobia, where more time is required. These estimates apply to the Majority of our students to provide you with a timeline on what to expect for your child.

Age 4

10m distance

7 to 8 months

Age 5

15m distance

6 to 8 months

Age 6

25m distance

6 months

SwimSafer Examinations

Although the SwimSafer Stage 1 Test Criteria is for your child to swim 10 meters in the 1.2 Metres depth pool, The Swim Starter conducts our Tests in the 1.8 Metres depth pool to address concerns about your child’s safety in the Deep Pool.

To date, we have maintained a 96% Passing Rate for the SwimSafer Stage 1 examination, with the exception of 4% accounting for medical certificates (MC) and absentees.


The Swim Starter

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